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Originally Posted by hansvonaxion View Post
Went to Fuji Speedway yesterday, you can do 3 laps for $20 behind (a very slow) pace-car (almost went out with the little biter in the baby seat). I was going to try for last in line so I could slow right down and blast for a bit but decided to pull in behind the AMG SLS for the exhaust note (which I couldn't hear anyway). It was good fun just to do some luke-warm laps, will start looking for a club that does track days or something.

Ferrari 458 drive-by...

YouTube - ‪Ferarri 458 Fuji Speedway‬‏

Some of the other cars that were doing laps...

YouTube - ‪Fuji Speedway - a few cars pulling into the pits‬‏

And my unedited video... was going to cut it down but couldn't be bothered so sorry it's so boring (wind noise disappears after the first few seconds)...

YouTube - ‪Legacy GT-B leisurely drive around Fuji Speedway‬‏

Also gave her a wash when we got back...

I'm sorry, but why does this look entirely computer generated?