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FINAL PRODUCT: 2011, B/O w/chrome accents, TSX-R Lens, Custom Sidemarker, Eagle Eyes
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Well here it is, the final product. If you have had any doubts about my quality of work I hope that this answers that question. Shribob is the owner of these lights and from the beginning has been a wonderful person to work with. As he would tell you I am very active with communication, updates and back and forth emails once the work is underway. This is to keep the customer informed of the progress and because at times I have random ideas pop up in my head. I like to run them by customers before I proceed with work. I plan to be an active part of the 2010-11 headlight modification service and will go the extra mile to assist as many people meet their goals.

So on to the pictures!

1. Stock
2. TSX-R Left / Stock Right.....notice the clarity on the TSX-R
3. "Squirrel Finder" deleted
4. Modified
5. With Eagle Eyes on
6. With Eagle Eyes, no lights
7. Close up off, btw those two spots where it is tight need to be shaved down and then the black needs to be repainted. This setup uses no glue. Pressure from the position that the ring has been placed in holds it firm.
8. Close up on
9. Hole cut for light wrapped in CF Di-Noc(looks like the hole is crooked but this is the line from behind the lense. Lines up perfect with the light. When the headlight is in the car it is level with the ground.
10. Plexiglass piece installed, 35% window tint applied
11. Installed in headlight
12. Straight on shot off
13. Straight on shot on(this will have an orange light in it

I hope you guys enjoy them!!!!


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