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Originally Posted by kits gt limited View Post
If we shift faster, don't we still have the problem with clutches and slippage with more then stage 2 power?
No. We have a problem if the shifts take too long. We also have a problem if it slams shifts, but that will be avoided since no one really wants that. The ideal situation is to have quick, positive shifts when WOT, which is the whole point to me going to all this trouble. If it shifts quick and positively, then the period during a shift when the clutches are engaging/disengaging is shorter. So there is less heat and less wear, so your trans should hold up to the greater power & be more fun to drive since you won't need to pay as much mind to the shift duration dragging out.

IPT VB does not shift quick enough at higher RPMs for me. Bugs the heck out of me. I know I'm not alone. It is good with IPT vs stock, but it needs to be much better to achieve a proper sporty shift behavior.

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