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Originally Posted by 05GTLTD View Post
After having the dealer look at my car numerous times for rough idle and code p0021 they replaced the ocv sensor and flushed oil etc and the problem went away for a few thousand miles, now it's back and the dealer says the car is fine even though I keep showing up with the code still on the car. After doing some research I've seen that people have had the Intake camshaft position sensor replaced and the problem has gone away. Unfortunately I'm outside warrenty and refuse to pay for the dealer to do it. I've been studying the technical manual for the legacy and can't find the sensor in the book so I'm hoping someone can 1) tell me which side, passenger or driver is bank 2 and then 2) tell me where the sensor is located so that I can order a new one and replace it myself. I've taken my former wrx to stg4 with alcohol injection myself so feel pretty confident once I know where the sensor is that I can replace it myself. Obiviously all help is greatly appreciated. Currently car as 54k and has been running stg 2 sense 2k and this is the only problem it has had sense 24k or so. Thanks in advance for any help.
Hello there mate, I know this is one old thread. But i just wanted to ask if there is any update regarding this? My friend is on the same boat and i am helping her. Hope to have some feedback.

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