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DIY 5EAT Transmission Rebuild
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Thanks to some simple words from Rao and some timely motivation from Apex-GT, and of course the Factory Service Manual, I feel confident now that I can tear down and rebuild my 5eat, which suffers from a worn clutch packs= and perhaps some other issues that I believe are limited to wear parts. I may screw it up altogether, but you never get to find out if you don't try.

I have some other very exciting 5eat stuff in the pipeline, but one thing at a time is enough

So it's time to pick a kit. I will contact FBP to see what they would sell a 2005 LGT 5eat rebuild kit for. There are other ones online. Please weigh in if you know anything about this kind of thing.

Parts needed:

Snap-ring plyers
Transmission spring compressor used to get the snap ring out of there (example
OR some people just borrow or buy a cheaper one, or use a couple C-clamps if you are very careful.
Angle feeler gauges
A perfectly flat bar of some sort (to measure tolerances off the transmission front end)
Caliper or depth gauge to measure distances to .0001"
E-Star wrench to separate front diff case from main AT case
A home-made wrench to twist off the front diff bearing seals
Lead pen for checking front diff ring/pinion fitment.

E20 torx socket - $10 shipped, eBay
Various male torx sockets (I don't remember what size(s) you will need once in the trans, but there is one needed for removing a bolt that holds on the front pinion.

Subaru 5AT manual: or

Vacation Pics:

Subaru 5eat part numbers:

Aftermarket Spare Parts:

Raybestos Catalog (Ctrl+F, type in Subaru, and there is a 5 speed EAT listing of products towards the bottom of the PDF)

RE5405A Spare Parts (many are interchangeable with Subaru 5eat)
Courtesy of rubberman.

Replacement solenoids, Repair manual (claims full teardown/rebuild instructions for RE5R05A):
Courtesy of rubberman.

Rebuild Kits:

AutoTransSpecialists $340 + Ship
This is a 7-bay trans shop in NJ, who get their rebuild kits from Precision International. I called them and talked to a head tech who is looking into getting thinner steels and maybe thinner clutch packs in order to fit more of them in. More clutches = more grip.
See the 5eat rebuild kit section from Precision International here bottom of page 53
See the 5eat individual parts section on page 319

IPT $830 + ship

Alto (jump to PAGE 416)
For reference, the different Alto kit levels


Additional Info:

5EAT manual from the 2006 Nissan 350Z:
Courtesy of Apex-XT

Titan forums (several pdf's with some useful part info & a few recommendations from a trans shop for what to look/watchout for, adjust, etc:
Courtesy of rubberman

An exploded view of the Subaru 5EAT

An exploded view of the Jatco RE5R05A (Nissan) 5EAT (for comparison)
Courtesy of Apex-XT

Solenoid Info:
Courtesy of rubberman

Ford DIY AT rebuild youtube series

There are tons of other trans rebuild videos on youtube, but I have not found any specific to the Jatco 5eat family.

Some 350Z fluff reading

Front Limited Slip Racing Differentials for the 5EAT now available for $1895 shipped, please inquire for details!

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