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My Interior Illumination mod - Lighted Cup Holders
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I've looked at the Subaru factory option for the Interior Illumination kit that sells for $175. I don't care for the price nor the blue lights above the feet area. I do like the blue cup holder lights and the front cubbie hole are in front of the shifter.

So instead of buying the factory kit, I did my own and put it in the same spots that the factory designed in the cup holder lights.

At the bottom of this thread there is a full set of diagrams that shows how to remove the center arm rest/console box.

The first this you need to do is pull the center section of the console by removing the rubber mat in the forward cubbie hole in front of the shifter.

Then pull the shifter.

Pull up the center section of the console and disconnect the wires. There are three plugs that need to be released to pull the whole section out and fully release it from the console base.

There's all sorts of room under this part for a bunch of stuff. There is also power here too from the 12V power supply in the console box.

The cup holder sepperates from the main section by pulling the 4 screws that hold it in place. There is a rubber edge liner that runs around the top of this cup holder.

Peel back one of the edges that covers the factory light mounting area and this is where I inserted my LEDs that I got from the local auto parts store. They sell them in packs of 3 for doing just this sort of thing.

The lights I bought fit perfectly into the factory spot with only a small amount of modification needed to make them fit. Once the cup holder is screwed back in place, these lights won't move. They weren't moving before I screwed the cup hold down either. A nice snug fit.

I ran the wires to the back of the cup holder and taped the wires down so they wouldn't come loose or get snagged, then screwed the cup holder back to the main section.

With the wires held toward the back, they are right above the power supply. I simply pulled the plug, inserted the wires into the plug ends (red to the hot center pin of the outlet and black to the outer ground ring and fit the plug back onto the power outlet. The wires were very secure and solidly mounted. I also left the wires fairly long so as to give myself room to manipulate the console cover.

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