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Member Classifieds Car for Sale Rules *BUYERS AND SELLERS READ BEFORE POSTING!*
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We've created a Car for Sale sub-forum, which is only for vehicles which are not for profit. If you want to make a profit selling vehicles please find another venue to market your vehicles.


This document provides the site's policy on Eligibility, Documentation, and Listing Requirements, as well as Post-Sale Information. It also provides the template to use for setting up a Car for Sale Thread and closing it out

Specifically note that all photos required by these rules must be "loaded" to the site's server

A how-to walk-through, for loading required photos to the Site's server, are found here

Linked or off-site hosted photos are not permitted in the Member Marketplace and will be removed where found

Just one of the specific details you'll want to make sure you read and understand before posting you FS thread.



Year, Make and Model:
Location: (City, State)
VIN: (you must insert your VIN here - no exceptions)
Seller's email address: (insert your email address here)
Asking Price:

See well-documented example at the bottom of this post.

  • This sub-forum is for member-sellers only
  • If you have a vehicle for sale, list it in this forum. No vendors or spammers!
  • If you don't own it, don't list it. No selling items for your friends, colleagues, co-workers. They can register and sell their own items.
  • Post or threads from non-eligible members will be removed. Repeated violations will result in time off the site and could ultimately result in a ban from the site.
  • Please report if you see anyone violating this rule..

A. Location of item must be listed in your title. Please post the state or province, country, etc where your vehicle is located.

B. Vehicle Identification Number must be listed in your posting. Please list your vehicle's VIN so it's available for checking against registry reporting systems, i.e., CarFax, AutoCheck, etc. Listing false or fabricated VINs for your vehicle is grounds for banning from the site for fraudulent activity.[/FONT

C. Picture/s of the listed item must be loaded to this site within 24-hours of thread posting.
  • Within 24-hours of posting your thread, you must upload actual pictures of the vehicle you are selling in the current, sellable condition to your for sale thread. These pictures must be loaded to As a minimum, pictures must include Exterior and Interior shots that show the actual condition of the vehicle. Any external damage noted, or material condition changes, must be documented with photos.
  • Use the New Reply, Manage Attachments, Browse, Open, Upload process to upload the pictures. Once the ready-for-sale-condition photos are loaded to this site, you may also provide a link to pictures to your vehicle for sale on eBay, or another FS location, provided you have pictures loaded on the site.
  • Links to photo hosting site photos, URLs to "like" vehicles, or a link to another FS thread, I.e., Craigslist advert, in lieu of the 24-hour posting requirement will result in the thread being closed.
  • Misrepresentation of an item is unacceptable and offenders may be permanently banned.
D. Post a reasonable price. We are not eBay, nor an auction site, so "make an offer" is not acceptable. Reasonable price means that you have done some research and identified a fair price-point that will actually sell. Requesting "offers" without a reasonable starting point is essentially the same as requesting members to "bid" on your item(s). Listing intentional over-inflated pricing is also NOT allowed and will be subject to closure and/or infractions.

  • Retain all original post information - don't delete anything. Member-sellers are required to retain all original post materials, e.g., listing information, photos, price(s), etc., if/when the vehicle is no longer available for sale. This "No Editing Out" of for-sale information policy protects both the buyer and seller and gives other members a price-point to use in establishing the potential market value of their vehicle(s).
  • Post vehicles that are ready to sell. Otherwise, please make sure you let potential buyers know when the vehicle will be available.
  1. Using PayPal. Never use PayPal's "gift" feature to purchase a vehicle on the site. If the only way a seller will "sell" is if the buyer acquiesces and uses the Gift choice, then, this may very well be a scam and buyers are warned. If you use PayPal's Gift feature, and the seller receives the funds, from PayPal's perspective, then you the buyer truly intended this as a "Gift" and PayPal will not attempt to collect from the seller no matter how much you protest. A gift is a gift. However, if you choose to use PayPal's other options to purchase a vehicle, you have a limit of 45 days from the original date of purchase during which you may lodge a dispute and petition for a refund. 60 days from the original date of purchase if paid by a Visa or MasterCard with your bank
  2. Shipping/Handling may be part of the sale. Once a vehicle is sold, the sale is not over. Making sure the item is delivered (or shipped properly and arrives to the intended buyer) is the responsibility of the seller unless other agreements have been reached.
  3. Disputes must be handled privately. If there is a problem or issue, you must first work it out amongst yourselves via PM, email or other communication methods. Do not post in the open forums until you have contacted the OP to first attempt to resolve the issue. Only report poor sales IF you have no success in coming to an agreement.
  4. Poor Seller / Buyer Note. Any member who is a poor seller/buyer and is unwilling to resolve any issues will be placed on a time out or banned depending on the severity of the offense. This will not be a unilateral decision, but will be based on an assessment of the situation by the moderators.
  5. Use i-Trader. i-Trader enables other members to review transactions between a potential seller and other members and then determine if they want to do business with that seller.
  • For those members who have had a good experience, then post a POSITIVE rating
  • If there was an issue and it was resolved, please post a POSITIVE (because it was resolved) or a NEUTRAL rating
  • If you have a bad experience with a member, and are unable to resolve the issue, then post a NEGATIVE rating and a short note describing the issue(s).
  • In all cases, remember that you need to work it out, do not just immediately post a negative rating.
Remember, the moderators are only able to police what we see and we cannot see everything. If you see a violation, please report the thread or send a PM to any of us. And more than anything, BUY OR SELL AT YOUR OWN RISK!


To create a Car For Sale listing, use the pull-down menu to choose whether the vehicle is for sale or for trade and it's location, and what it is you're offering. Use this example:

In pull-down menu choose:

FS - Location:
FS/FT - Location:

Then add the rest of your title information. You title will look like this:

FS - Location: (MD) - Unmodified 2005 Legacy GT Limited Sedan

Then create the thread itself. Use this example (using member DavidPHume's excellent example):

Year, Make and Model: 2005 Subaru Legacy GT Limited Sedan
Color: Satin White Pearl
Miles: 34,245
Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
Title: Clear - no accidents
Lien: No liens
Location: Duluth, Minnesota
VIN: (you must insert your VIN here)
Seller's email address: (insert your email address here)
Asking Price: $16,800 FIRM

Background Information
For sale is my 5 speed manual 2005 Subaru Legacy GT Limited with 32,xxx miles. The car is Satin White Pearl in color with black leather interior. I am the second owner and purchased the car from a friend's mother (she is in her early 50's). She purchased the car new from Miller Hill Subaru and had ALL of the required/optional maintenance performed at the dealership, including the 30,000 mile maintenance. It goes without saying that this car has been stock its entire life and not driven hard. It has a clean title and has no accidents, etc. to report.

I believe the car has every option that was available at the time of purchase:
  • STi brake, gas, and clutch peddles
  • Momo shift knob with factory short throw shifter
  • Auto-dimming mirror with compass
  • Locking lug nuts
  • Rear spoiler (I wish it didn't have this option )
I'm posting this up mainly as a feeler. I have an itch for a BMW/Audi so I may pursue that if I get what I want for this car. I'm not even dead set on letting it go, but I have a problem with keeping cars for very long (ask my friends). I am a perfectionist, so I will point out all of the things that I see "wrong with it". These are all things that are expected for a car made in 2005. On the driver's side back door, there is a small dent near the window. This dent can easily be taken out via PDR and is not noticeable unless you're looking at it correctly. Secondly, the bottom part of the front bumper is scratched slightly which reveals the plastic. This is only noticeable if you're level with the bottom of the bumper or lower and is roughly 2" long. The passenger side mirror has a .5" scrape on it which was touched up with the factory touch up kit. Continuing around to the back side of the car, the bottom side of the bumper on the passenger side has some weird scoring in it. I have absolutely no idea where this is from, but I will do my best to show it in the pictures. The tires are likely original and have a season or two left. I've had no traction issues even in the snowy Duluth winters. The previous owner, and myself, never drove the car on the highway so there are no rock chips, etc. that are normally associated with that.

As for the interior... well... it looks brand new. There is some VERY minor scratching around the shift boot (high-traffic area). But it otherwise looks good as new. The carpets have no stains, the leather is perfect and not faded or torn. The back seat looks unused. I am very tedious about my cars and lately it's been getting washed 3 times a week inside and out.

The car currently has a lien on it, but I do have the title. Once the lien is paid off, my bank will send you/your bank the lien release. I prefer cashier's check/wire transfer/cash for payment (in that order). My father has a dealer license and can transfer the title for you at his place of business. Also, I understand what the car books at through the various services, but more importantly I know the Legacy GT market (I had a black LGT limited a year or so ago). As Legacies go, the color combo and mileage of this is quite desirable (I love white cars!). Also, keep in mind when reading this that Subarus in Minnesota have a tendency to sell for more than book value (I have sold 3 and have gotten at least book, if not more, for all of them). As such, please do not chastise me for this. I am willing to work with you on the price, but only to a degree. I'm not taking $15k for it, so don't even ask. I like the car an have absolutely no trouble keeping it. Also, I am not interested in trades unless it is a very specific BMW/Audi. Thank you for reading. I hope this car goes to a fantastic new home.


Browsing through sometimes pages of a member's car for sale thread thread, where many members have asked whether the item is sold or not, is both frustrating and burns up bandwidth which is expensive.
  1. Once your car is sold, make your last "New Reply" thread post that the Car Sold to Member XXXXXXX for $111111 amount.
  2. Keep all of your OP intact and edit-in a banner across the top of your OP to read: Car is SOLD.
  3. Please notify a moderator and we will close the thread so it will not clog up the forum
For any issues, problems, questions or help. Please PM me or notify a moderator and we will be happy to assist you. Please keep in mind, we cannot watch every thread on the forums so we rely on our members to help out if they see something that isn't right.

Thanks for keeping the forums running smoothly!

- Pro amore Dei et patriam et populum -

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