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Originally Posted by f1anatic View Post
It is simpler than you think. Do you drag race ? Do you have vast expanses of land where you can accelerate your way into the triple digits without getting into an accident or getting pulled over ? Do you always shift gears at red line ?

If you answered NO to at least 2 of the questions, then what you will be happier with is the quicker spool of a 16G. Mine spools at around 2400 and you know what - it is so smooth and so much response-on-demand that now, anything that would delay it - such as a bigger turbo - would be unacceptable. The 16G is already a bigger than stock - faster than stock turbo. And if you read the 2 threads, people will never question that 16G is the fastest spooling turbo, but will question how much more horsepower it loses out to these 2 turbos at the top end. How much ? Well I know the answer...but see, I read the threads.

If in doubt, go 16G because realistically you spend very little of your driving life in the 5-7000 rpm range where these 2 bigger turbos may add that extra inch to your ego. Unless of course you answered YES to the questions above - that is when it becomes a clear choice above the 16G.
I read the WHOLE BNR Bolt on thread. I wish someone put it like that a LONG time ago.

Yes, I know this was said in many other ways but to have you put it like that would make it so much easier for a lot of folks to make a decision.