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Rough Idle - Accessport etc.
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Hey all, I'm new to LGT land but I'm diggin it so far. My last Subie was an 02 WRX MT, then a couple years on an 02 BMW 330xi AT. I picked up an 05 LGT AT sedan a few days ago. It's a little rough around the edges but I want to get it in tip-top shape over the next couple months.
Firstly, it has a pretty rough idle. The motor is a little bouncy and there's the occasional "knocking" sound that can be heard both from the hood and the tailpipe (missfire?). The car still drives well and seems to smooth out under throttle somewhat and it still has good power (seems a little stronger than my 02 WRX and the Bimmer).
I just ordered an OBD scanner so I can see what codes are coming up since the CEL and blinking cruise lights are on. From what I've read on the internets, new plugs (which apparently were just done a few months ago), new injectors, an ECU flash and a throttle body cleaning should smooth things out. Many sites recommend only one of these things, but I figure I might just do them all at the same time.
So, questions are, I'm thinking of getting an Accessport at some time to do some mild engine tuning. Can I also use this tool to reflash the ECU?
Are there other things I should be considering looking at to address the rough idle? (I know, lets see what codes are coming up first). And, is an Accessport worth it with the 5EAT if I'd just like to squeeze a little more power out of the LGT with some light intake/exhaust mods? Thanks for any info and I look forward to sharing anything I learn on here. Cheers!

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