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#1: 11-19-2010, 11:59 AM
Group-N transmission mount post install ?s
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I installed the GroupN transmission mount and upgraded cross member bushing last night. I drove my GT Wagon to work today. I have a few questions for those with upgraded transmission mounts
1. Taking off from a slight incline.. the car pulled a bit to the right. It almost felt like torque steer. I will say that I had to jimmy the transmission to get the bolt holes lined up when putting the cross member back in. Anyone experience this?

2. The car kinda sounds like.. umm.. a tank now. I expected some NVH.. but I sorta feel like I'm in a diesel now. Wondering if this is normal or if I f'ed up the install somehow (I had to jack the transmission around several times to get the cross member re-installed). I know I was supposed to support the tranny with the jack the whole time.. and I thought I was.. but the jack had come loose between the time I removed the crossmember and when i first started to put it back.

I will say that clutch response is great now. No more slop outta first. It sorta feels like when I added a torque dampener to my departed RSX-S.

If anyone else wants to add their impressions of the GroupN trans mount.. please do. I'm interested in first and long term impressions.

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