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Airbag light...sometimes. Console problem?
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Hi guys and gals,

I recently got my first non-american car, an 07 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Limited. So far, I really like it. I do have one small problem with it though. It currently has 42k miles on it and there has been an intermittent problem since I got it.

I noticed this a couple times a few weeks after I got it. The red airbag light would come on on the dash and stay on until after that trip. Then, the next time I would get in, it would be off. I've also noticed that the overhead console indicator for the passenger light is not always either "on" or "off". Sometimes it doesn't indicate one or the other, but just shows the words "passenger airbag".

Then, I had an aftermarket car starter installed in my car last week. It works great, but I noticed that the airbag light comes on more often now. I also noted that if I start it and immediately press the brake and put it into gear that the light is more likely to be on. If I start it and wait, it may not come on. It doesn't always do it... Odd....

So I called my local Subaru dealer and, of course, I'm out of warranty for that, but he immediately thought that my overhead console was bad based on what I said about the indicator light up there. He gave me the p/n 84601AG03A0R and said it was about $50. I haven't been able to find ANY info on this p/n online, so I thought I would post up on here and get some input.

Has anyone else seen anything weird like this? I did a search and saw that people have seen the airbag light come on for several different reasons, but I don't want to drop $50 if it's not going to fix it.

Please offer up your thoughts on this as I'd like to get it fixed. My understanding is that if the red airbag light is on, my airbag system is turned off, which isn't good.

Thanks for any help!
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