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Originally Posted by m sprank View Post
For christs sake stop copying those pix. Pull them down. That or learn to resize and get a faster hosting. My T-1 line is acting like a damn 56k connection because your file size is WAAAYYYY too large for the speed of your hosting.

Rant over.

The 05-07 lamps I posted pix of a few pages back are for sale. Buyer gave wrong address via PayPal. I refunded his money and they were returned by the shipper.

My appologies... I had it in a high res because I posted it into the Calender photo thread...

But.. (and I don't intend to start a war here..) I think that while people with a high post count might know their forum etiquette back to front and inside out, they sometimes neglect to obverve real world etiquette too... A simple "could you please resize your images" would have achieved the same result with a bit less ranting..