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Oil Filter Tests by river_rat on BITOG Forums

I used a Bosch Distance Plus (Purolator built) D3422 along with the equivalent PureONE PL20195, and Purolator Classic L20195, since these are filters I use:

The canister on the Bosch D+ is thicker and more rigid than the other two:

Two other interesting things about the D+ is that the center tube is of a different construction, and the media ends are joined with a metal clamp rather than just glued, as in the others:
D+ Spiral tube

P1 and Puro Classic vertically seamed tubes

Media seams

On examining the media, all three had about 60 pleats (57, 58, and 60) all of the same depth and height. The Purolator Classic and PureONE measured about .022” thick, the Bosch Distance Plus was about .030” thick…Considerably thicker and stiffer. Looks to me like it will hold more dirt for long usage.

The Bosch media porosity seems somewhere in between the PureONE and Classic, but it’s hard to tell since it is thicker and lets less light through:
Top to Bottom - Classic, PureONE, Bosch D+

Extreme Close up… Top to bottom here is – Classic, Bosch D+, and PureONE

The Bosch passed the dirty oil very well. Nearly a tie in speed with the Classic. (PureONE was about 60% more time than these)

On settling out the filtrate, I couldn’t really tell the difference between the PureONE and the Bosch, but I only did one dipping run, and thicker medias (Bosch) tend do really well initially.
(Having done this a number of times, and having examined so much media under the microscope, I believe the Bosch D+ will probably filter somewhere between the Purolator Classic and the PureONE in the long run…and similar to the K&N and Mobil 1 Ext. Performance filters, which is really good.)

This new filter is built more sturdily, and appears to really have more dirt holding capacity than the other Purolator products here. Flow and filtration looked very good.
For the price though, I will probably just keep getting K&N, as it seems to be aimed right at the same performance and price envelope. With the K&N, I get a thread-end bypass (not a big deal to me…but preferred if all else is equal) and a handy nut for removal.

With the Mobil 1, I get the thread-end bypass, too.

With the PureONE for half the price, I get 99.9% efficiency, rather than probably the 99% ish for the same particle size.

Lower the price of the D+ to about $8 - $9 and I will buy them by the case.