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Title: Where'd that Pop-It go?!
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Originally Posted by BOXRPWR
Thanks for clarifying that. Funny how that picture makes the bright chrome ring look dark, and therefore it seems to point away from the camera. That's a tricky picture there. Your pic above clearly shows where the ring goes. That's where I tried to put mine before 2 bulbs broke.
Bro, that was totally my lack of camera-Kung-Fu. Sorry 'bout that!

Interesting how people think or feel differently about where to locate the "dead spot" on the rings. You put yours basically at the top of the circle. I drilled mine and plan to put the unlite section at the very bottom of the circle. I also thought about the sides adjacent to the high-beams. It will be interesting to see how the end results differ. I don't think any particular location is right or wrong....just different.
Agreed - no definite right or wrong, many different ways to mount this, depending on aesthetic preference.



Not all that tough at all, just time-consuming.

I *really* took my time, and when all's said and done, took me about 6 hours - 3 on Friday, 3 on Saturday (I did the PM and AM thing, with epoxy drying time spanning the night in-between).

That includes the all-painful documentation and write-up, which itself took about an hour, despite by super-zippy typing (thanks to years and years on chats/BBSs and writing endless scientific papers!).

Honestly, I could have easily pulled the headlights and baked them both inside an hour's span (I've done this once before), spent another 30 minutes arranging/drilling/gluing), and then set things aside for the next morning, whereupon I would have spent again less than an hour putting everything back together.

It's not that hard - just tedious. But then again, almost all "rice/disco" mods are somewhat tedious, if you want to get things just right.
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