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Second Gen. Aftermarket Parts and Upgrade Guide (V.2)
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This is a guide I’ve been throwing together representing the aftermarket support for second generation (1995-1999 USDM and 1993-1998 JDM) Subaru Legacy/Outback.
while everything hyperlinked is fully compatible with your 2nd gen, keep in mind that it is only a guide to give you a better idea of what to look for..

Bolt Ons
DIY Guides



H&R (-1.5”, -1.25”)
RS☆R (-1.25”,- 1.25”)
Eibach (-1.2”,-1.2”)

KYB GR-2 – 10% Stiffer than OEM Struts
KYB AGX – On-Car Adjustable Damping

K Sport Kontrol
Ground Control
KW Suspension Variant
JIC Racing

Rear Suspension Spacers – Cures the ‘saggy butt’ look after lowering your car, 3/8” Recommended.

Front Strut Tower Bar – Reduce body flex by providing extra stiffness between the strut towers.
disclaimer*- make sure to purchase MY93-01, or any with low-profile brackets.

Rear Strut Tower Bar -Especially effective in wagons

Front Swaybar – Reduce body lean and increase body roll resistance by upgrading to larger sways.

Rear Swaybar
*In order to use 93-01 Impreza RSB, you will need to modify your fuel tank

Front Endlinks - increase swaybar effectiveness by upgrading to endlinks with less flex than the rubber OEM.

04-07 STi REAR 04-07 STi REAR

Bushings - help reduce drive train flex, eliminate chatter, missed shifts, etc.
Control arm - lower inner front
Control arm - lower inner rear
Steering - rack & pinion mount
Sway bar – link (Front)
Control arm - lower inner & outer
Differential - support outrigger
Differential - mounts in cradle
Sway bar – link
Sway bar - link assembly
Sway bar - link assembly
Sway bar - 18mm
Sway bar - 19mm
Sway bar - 20mm
Sway bar - 22mm
Sway bar - 24mm
Sway bar - 25mm - (Tribeca FSB)
Trailing arm – front
Trailing arm - rear

Shifter Bushings - Improve shift feel and responsiveness on your vehicle by eliminating the soft rubber factory bushing
Front / Rear
Transmission Crossmember Bushings - These bushings can take the torque and vibration of high-performance street and race use
Sway bar Mounts - Super rigid forged light weight alloy mounting.
Rear Sub-frame Locking Bolt Kit - These bolts lock out the rear diff. sub frame bushings to maintain alignment under extreme conditions.
Aluminum Control Arms - Reduces your un-sprung weight and deflection under hard cornering resulting in improved handling
Control Arms - Lighter weight aluminum control arms from GC chassis imprezas bolt right up

Castor Kits - Adds caster to the front wheels giving the car more turn in response


Brembo Slotted , Front / Rear
Stoptech Cryo Treated


EBC Greenstuff – Designed to reduce heat and dust, best for daily driven cars
EBC Redstuff – Designed for a mixture of track and daily driving
EBC Yellowstuff – Used primarily in heavily raced and tracked vehicles

SS Brake Lines - Improves pedal feel and response
Speed Bleeder - Allows brake bleeding to be easily done by only one person
Master Cylinder Brace - helps prevent flex among the master brake cylinder by adding more holding points to it


Cold Air Intake – the Ebay intake was dyno proven at about a 6hp gain over similar Cosmo Racing ($200+) intake systems
MAF Adapter – You’ll need this to affix the cone filter to your MAF
Muffler - Anything works here
Borla UEL Headers - Not recommended due to the thin walls and chances of cracking
Borla Replica Un-Equal Length Header – Bring out the boxer rumble and free up a few HP. Much better reports than original Borla’s
OBX Equal Length Header – Sacrifice some of your rumble for more performance gains.
Header Heat Wrap – Keep the exhaust hot and the valve train noise muffled.
High-Flow Catalytic Converter – Increase exhaust flow
Camshaft Grinding - Low end gains and high end gains depend on how you want them grinded
Spark Plug Wires -

Lightened Flywheel - Reduce weight and inertia for better engine response
Lightweight Crank Pulley Lightweight Crank Pulley
- Get quicker throttle response and more horsepower and torque. Reducing rotating mass results in better performance.
Grounding Kit – Smooth out idle and ride, reduce noise, and free up some HP.
Engine Management – Optimize engine performance by controlling aspects such as fuel mixture and ignition timing.
Port and Polished Heads - Reduce the restriction in the engine's intake and exhaust chambers to allow more air into the system, gaining power.
Engine Pitch Stop - A mount that’s stiffer than stock will reduce the amount of forward and backward movement the engine has.
Roll Center Adjuster – For lowered cars, this replaces ball joints ad returns the control arm angle closer to stock to help bring roll center closer to CG.
Phenolic Intake Manifold Spacer - Greatly reduces the transfer of heat from engine to intake manifold thus reducing heat soak. Every 5 temp. drop = 1% power gain
Engine Mounts Engine Mounts
- Less sway and flex in engine components helps put more efficient power down to the ground.

Transmission Mounts - Transmission Mounts Make the transmission more solid. They will give you better feel for your transmission and easier shifting.
4EAT / 5MT
Transmission Oil Cooler – Improve overall performance, and lengthen the life of both the fluid and tranny
Engine Oil Cooler - Reduces oil temperature for extended engine life

Short Shifters -

Kartboy (with bushings)


Gauge Mods

Backlight Color Change
Carbon Fiber Gauge Face Mod
Gauge Swap


-seat belt latches will need to be swapped out for the ones that you already have

97-01 2.5RS
02-03 WRX
04-07 WRX
08-09 WRX
04-09 STi

Steering Wheels
-02 JDM WRX airbags are plug and play 03 JDM some have same problem as the 03 usdm(read below)
-All 02 WRX steering wheels will be plug and play with your airbag connector, 03 WRX air bags have a different connector but will physically fit in. You can splice out the the connectors but at your own risk and not recommended.
-To use your cruise control you will need to swap the modules in the steering wheel.
02-03 WRX

WRX Center Console Swap
Custom Door cards
STi ‘Blue’ Carpet
Carpet/Headliner Dye
A-Pillar 2-Gauge Pods – Fits 52mm gauges
Custom Shift Boots


Chrome Turn Signal Bulbs – Flash Amber
JDM Wagon Tail Lights
JDM Wagon Smoked Tail Lights
JDM Sedan Tail Lights
JDM Projector Headlights
JDM Projector Headlights - Black
JDM Projector Morette Headlights - Very Rare
JDM Sidemarkers - Amber
JDM Sidemarkers - Clear
JDM Front Bumper - GT-B
JDM Front Bumper GT-B Limited
JDM Window Visors
JDM Aero Splash Guards – Takes place of mudflaps
JDM Sedan Rear Window – Rear Wiper
JDM L7 Grille
JDM Power Folding – Folding also found on 1995 ‘L’ Model Legacys
JDM Ganador Side Mirrors
JDM Projector Fog Lights
JDM Flush Door Trim
JDM Clear Sidemarker Part Number: F-01 HM6-112

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