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I'll be using recipe A, because I want a 35/65 split and an R180 rear diff.

The major parts:

* 04-05 STI 6MT (from Silverline Automotive)
* Spec B gears for 2nd-6th (aka Rallispec's "high speed" 6MT gear ratio conversion)
* New-style synchros / baulk rings
* 04/05 STI R180 (came with the transmission)
* Custom driveshaft like Hammer Down, from (ordered direct)
* 07-09 SpecB rear axles (P/N 28421AG03B), axle seals (P/N 806732200)
* Exedy twin disc clutch (from ImportImage)

The minor parts:

* 6MT rear transmission mount (from m sprank via the classifieds)
* Spec B shift linkage (from imkindofabigdeal via the classifieds)
* Shift knob (West Coast Lathewerks copolymer sphere, via NASIOC classifieds)
* Spec B downpipe support bracket (44021FE030 - or maybe fab something, we'll see)
* clutch slave cylinder
* shift fork (fork shaft 30532AA020, plug 30550AA000)
* clutch hose (received from ImportImage)
* Spiider DCCD controller (received, direct)

These figures will vary a lot, depending on whether you can / will wait for great deals to pop up in the classifieds, but here's what I'm paying:

$3500ish for the trans and diff.
$565 for the driveshaft
$700ish for the rear axles
$300ish for a used spec B shift linkage
$300ish for the DCCD controller
Plus small parts that I haven't added up.
Plus whatever you want to spend on a clutch.

I spent about $7000 total, but it would be easy to shave $3000 off of that. Upgrading to spec B gear ratios cost me about $2000 (6th gear is taller than either STI transmission, and the ratios are more evenly spaced) and my twin-disc clutch was about $2000.

Someone said they did it for $3000 or so, partly due to a great deal on a transmission and diff. I tried looking for a great deal, but ran out of patience.

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