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Originally Posted by torinalth View Post
while it IS running, does it run smooth, or is it all rocky?

you DID flash to the new map (made for your injectors) before doing all this right?

if its just dieing after a few moments then I'd re-flash to the new map and see what happens. If the pump worked fine before the turbo install then I'd say that probably is not the problem: side note, is the 08 STI pump larger? thought they were all the same.....

IF the idle is really rough during the short time it is actually running then I'd bet you dont have a coil pack on correctly. I had a problem getting the front passenger pack on the plug. once I fixed that I stopped running rough and stopped stalling at idle.

if rough, check coil packs again
reflash map (maybe look at the scaling to make sure they made the changes)
any more info?


I'll check the coils. I definitely re-flashed after I did all the mods.

Let me run through My reflash procedure.

Plugged in greens.
Hooked up OBD cord to car and computer.
Ran ECUflash.
First I asked it to read my ECU.
It then did the whole, turn to "ON" and press ok.
ECUflash read my ECU and I then saved that to my desktop.
I then did a test flash on my infamousbase tune.
I then wrote the infamous tune to my ECU.
No problems.
I then exited ECUflash and unplugged UBD cable.
I then unplugged greens.

I then turned car to "on" and waited 20 secs. (Side note - I didn't get any chimes at this stage)

I then started car and got what you see in the previous posts.