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#10: 08-05-2004, 02:37 PM
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I still disagree with the bling/bling category, if anything atleast it should have been put in interior. If it was bling/bling it would be some kind of visual addition, but a STI STS is far from bling/bling. I can't even see it.

I guess it all depends on your personal preference of shifting style. I felt the stock shifter in the legacy was good, but to sloppy for my tastes. I perfer it to be smooth and percise, thats something I didn't get with the stock shifter. It was smooth, but wobbly and soft. I found myself grinding gears with the stock shifter, probably because I wasn't used to such long throws (and I have been driving a manual for years, not to mention racing cars for a couple years too). Once I got the STI STS installed I had no more problems. So in my mind the STS is no where near a bling bling mod, but a performance mod, as it improved my shifting performance. Sure it could have been my fault, but it also doesnt' take away from the fact a part can make you and the car perform better.

Also seeing how a few people got lost and couldn't find my review means that it doesn't belong in Bling/Bling. Posts should be where people expect them, and hardly anyone expected it to be there. Mods should realize that, and if they don't thats a problem.