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 John M
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Wow, my personal distance record for a sight-unseen car purchase is Chicago

In GA, the seller keeps the plate so you'll have to make your own "TAG APPLIED FOR" placeholder for the trip home. I usually print one out in Word and use packing tape to waterproof it -- a poor man's laminate.

Does the seller have the title or is the car financed? If a bank holds the title I pay for the car with a cashier's check made out to both the seller AND the lienholder. The seller signs the check, gives it to the lienholder, and they send the title to me. If they have the title already, they need to sign the transfer info on the back of it. It must be done in ink and ANY alterations on the back will void the transfer. I've never used an escrow service.

You'll have to write out a bill of sale. It simply needs to state that on this date, seller agrees to sell a 200X Subaru Legacy GT to buyer, as-is, where-is. Print two copies so you'll each have one. This (and the title if available) will be your proof of purchase while you drive the car home.

Where is the car in GA? Odds are good that one of us is close enough to look at it for you.