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Originally Posted by goormove View Post
Just did about 200 miles today and the shimmy is definitely getting worse. The repair (see attached invoice for parts/labor info.) done by the regional service manager and engineer was the only thing that minimized the shimmy. After my last conversation with SOA - I am waiting for a check and then I'll be taking it in again ASAP when the next "fix" is made available.

I have not heard definitively if there is a TSB for this issue as of yet, but if you go into the dealer, have them pull up this post and grab the scans of the work done that I included.

To all that have PM'd me - other than the receipt and the conversations noted with the tech and engineer - I don't, unfortunately, have any more info. to share. Between the busings and the e-balancing of the tires using the road-force method, there was improvement - but then it came back - although not as bad as it was at it's worst.

Hope this helps - if YOU have the shimmy - please, please, please bring your car in - it will help us all.

Thanks again

My shimmy is also starting to return although like you said previous bandaid fixes have made an improvement. I have been in conctact with my case manager at SOA and like you I am now waiting for the next fix from Japan. I love the car and get a lot of compliments on it I just wish that this would become a non issue. The other issue I have is ever since I got the car the electronic parking brake would not reliably disengage, I would have to manually disengage it however I was under the impression that everytime you put the car in gear and attempted to move forward the E-brake was supposed to disengage. Well sometimes that happens and sometimes I have to manually disengage it, maybe some software issue who knows but I think I am going to have to bring that up as an issue as well as its now starting to annoy me.