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Hey all, on the way home from work tonight I heard this weird sound, like water sloshing around in a plastic container and my fan was making strange noises. Low and behold my passenger footwell had about an 1/8 inch of water in it, carpet was soaked. Sopped most of it up with towels and get the rest with the shop vac but I'm not happy. I read through this thread, my question is, is the general concensus that the water is coming from the A/C evap condensate and not an outside water leak? Sure seems that way to me. They can't get my car into the dealership until early next week, and I don't want any more water in there, so I'm thinking if I run without the A/C until it goes in I should be OK right? Sucks though because it's been 90 and humid around here the last few days. This is the first problem I've had with the car (other than the stutter) since getting it 3 months ago. Oh well, nothings perfect.

Wondering if I should bother tearing apart the carpet and footwell or just leave it for them. Also wondering if I should push for a new carpet, the it wasn't all that wet but as hot as it's been I don't want any mildew or funky smells.