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Top Mount Intake Project. Autodesk
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iv talked about for awhile and now i finally am getting the software to design it. something i excel in is computer modeling. i find it more fun then actually work on the car. In about 13 hours the download will be done. and then i need to get a key but thats on my time.

Back to the intake.

the goal and over all outcome of this intake is supposed to be a ram and cold air intake. and i could imagine that it is possible to get positve boost when traveling fast enough. like maybe... just maybe.... 54 psi....haha or like 1 psi at most if any.

Should use standard size panel filter
Needs a drainage system.
Maf needs to be after the drainage.
As little bends as possible.
Need vaccum lines. 3 I believe.
have some kind of heat sheild to maximize performane

I nice to collect info on what has and has not worked in the past and also i need to take my own measure ments of my car.

Taking input as of now of course and hope to have a working prototype in 3 to 4 weeks.

I don't know how to tune a car. that one thing i have not learned yet and i know it will need a tune... Right?

my brainstorming over the past 2 months has brought up and pushed down many ideas. right now for the idea i am looking are a standard box shape that will house the flilter. the will collect into a 3 inch tube heading left about maybe 5 inchs? not sure yet. but then down and back under its self(this is were the water will collect, in this dip) and then head back up toward the TB (this spot will host the maf) and then turn into the TB.

i can tweak it with the software for max airflow i believe. ill have to learn how though as i have not worked that far into the program yet.

here are some current designs i have seen that has sparked the idea in the first place.
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