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All was good for a few weeks.

Broken Oil Pickup:

I had just purchased gas, accelerated into traffic and the oil light came on. Shit!!!! Shut the car off, pulled over and poured in a few quarts of oil into the pan. Oil light went off and the car had oil pressure.

I limped the 3 miles home and pulled the pan off. Looky at what I found.

The car had just over 50k miles on it at this point. Looking through out the forums its seemed this was a fairly common problem and the solution was found through the useage of a Killer B pick up.

So one was purchased and installed. Why they aren't this hefty from the beginning I don't know.

The pickup was installed and fresh Amsoil Oil change was performed.

I also replaced the OEM Oil Cooler and checked the Oil filter prior to the turbo. No bearing material seemed to be in either. Guess I was just Lucky.

Blackstone also showed no abnormal bearing material in the oil after it was sent in. What a relief!

Blend Mount Install:

Going with the clean look of the legacy and the grown up look I was achieving, I was getting tired of this:

I chose blendmount due the versatility as well as the completeness of the kit. They also have the ability to tap directly into the Auto dim mirror. This is definetly a plus, as I don't have to deal with adding any additional wiring clutering up A-Pillar airbags.

Finished Product:


Sadly, on the day after Christmas and the 1 and half of snow the North East recieved I slid into a curb while driving around on RE-92.

The rocker panel was damaged along with the rear control arm.

This prompted a trip to a local body shop and after much discussions a full respray was decided.

The car was in the Body shop for alittle over 3 months while the work was completed. All new OEM bumpers all the way around as 50k miles of Highway driving had begun to show its wear on the front bumper and hood.

Dents were racked up and city driving had added quite a few more small dings and scratches that I cared to deal with. So they were to all be fixed while in the shop. Guess it wasn't such a bad thing after all.

I guess this was really the only picture I had while the car was being repaired and painted.

While in the shop I purchased a set of Lemans and they were installed. A photoshoot was in order.

Ravspec Rear Spoiler

And Painted:

Chargespeed Lip:

With the initial thread stated stating the success of the '06 WRX lip on the LGT. I decided to save a few bones and try it out.

I loved the way the fins looked on some of the newer LGT lips, but unforunetnly no one had made one for the earlier bumpers. Why not expierement? Its only 67 bucks right?

One was purchased and installed:

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