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20G ProTuned Good news....Bad news
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Skip to post #50.......bad news is history!

Well, after installing the Deadbolt 20G turbo, ACT clutch & more stuff, finally got it ProTuned today by Dan at Harmanmotive

here's the good news:

and here's the bad news: Massive Boost-creep!

Saw a hint of it on the dyno doing 3rd gear pulls. Tune is set for 19 psi. Creeped up to just under 20 psi on the dyno.

Went out for street tuning using the real-time functionality of the ProTuner software. No doubt about it, the waste gate on the 20G seems undersized, even with the porting done by Deadbolt.

During 4th gear pulls, saw boost climb to 22.4 psi before the software kicked in and shut everything down. 5th gear would be death.

So now, we wait to hear what Deadbolt has to say about it. Every indication is that its a physical constraint that might not be solved without an external waste gate. The fact that I'm catless and 3" all the way back means the back-pressure is as low as it gets. Running a cat might help. But no guarantee.

For now, I'm going to "limp" around keeping rmps under 6K in 4th, 5th gear. Good thing is Dan has a proven setup for doing an external waste gate. All it takes is $$$$$!

I want to emphasize that Dan took great precautions to prevent any potential for engine damage. The fact that we did the street tuning was the "insurance" that everything was fine....or to verify suspicion that it wasnt.

I am very happy with the results from HM. There's nothing they could do about a physical limitation on the turbo. Dan is offering a solution that won't undercut the full potential of what the 20G can offer.

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