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Possible failing water pump?
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Hi all,

I just picked up my 2005 LGT LTD 5MT from the dealer 3 days ago. It has 126k on it but they took it in on trade with what they thought to be minor motor issues. I agreed to purchase the car pending a test drive, so they went about fixing it. Anyway, they put almost $7k into the motor and almost all parts are new. I only paid $9k, so I basically stole it. I digress...

Tonight when I was driving around I revved it up a little higher than I'd have liked (4k) and heard a very distinct whining noise whenever the throttle was applied. I pulled over and popped the hood for a visual inspection - everything looked just fine. No weird smells. Checked the oil and it looked great and was of normal levels. Then I heard it again.... the whining was still there but sounded more like a gargling sound. I immediately thought water pump and had a friend give a second opinion. He agreed. If you touch the outside of the pump on the timing over and have someone rev the engine a little, you can feel it move in a very non linear manner. I'm thinking the bearing in the pump is bad. Do you agree? Everything else is as smooth as silk and power is right where you'd expect.
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