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Originally Posted by FocuS View Post
....thanks for the dig! I was suggesting the drag car for the that you have made your intentions for this second car clear, I would suggest a number of other cars which are fun, older, good power, and somewhat rare.

On my short list of 2 door fun cars:
Audi Coupe (Kinda rare and fun with a good turbo and Quattro)
VW Corrado - Both the engines have their problems but the VR6 has good power
Volvo Bertone coupe (840 I think) - Huge rare and heavy...
I'm sure there is more...but I'll stop there as I'm supposed to be doing homework....
- Audi - out, already spent too much time hunting down electrical issues on a 1990 200T this winter.
- VW - out, see above (same company, same problems IMO)
- Volvo - I had a 760 Turbo Wagon before my last Subie...and you thought the SVX could be expensive to fix, try replacing parts on an older Volvo. Bosch isn't cheap, and they made a lot of the parts that break after 10+ years. A single power window switch can run $80 or more! Getting a rare Volvo would be a nightmare without the fun of AWD. Would consider it again, but not sure since my friend's 850 R has seen a lot of Barrier's service bays this past year at a steep cost.

Let me add this requirement: must be AWD or 4WD capable...others considered:
- Late '90s LGT wagon or sedan
- Earlier Impreza RS
- Mid-80's Brat (forget which year was best, brother will tell me when he gets here in 30 min)
- Early 80's GL wagon (or even the rare 2 door wagon thing)
- Ford Bronco (white, so I can pretend I'm OJ and drive real slow)
- MB Turbo Diesel sedan or wagon (prefer a wagon)
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