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Subaru SVX: Awesome Spare Whip -or- Money Pit Lemon
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Please read the text below then vote on your recommended course of action. It's kind of like a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' book but I'm asking you guys & gals to weigh in first.

So it looks to me that I'll be getting a little extra cash in the near future (won't go into details) and I might afford to get a second car, as long as it's reasonably inexpensive. Let's say $4000 or less, for argument's sake.

I have been drooling over a roommate's friend's 1992 Subaru SVX Touring Edition for some time now, it's a car I've always wanted and I would love to have a Pearl White car. The contrast with the Vader wagon would be hot... This one is a beatiful Pearl White that was recently repainted, has something like 164,000 miles (actually low mileage for its age), tranny was rebuilt @ 110,000 miles, stereo upgraded to Alpine CD head unit a few years ago as well. One rear wheel bearing has been replaced (known trouble spot for these cars, warranted 2 recalls...)

It has some wear & tear issues but the body & paint are fitting of a car a third as old. Very clean lines, hardly any scuffing and all the light fixtures work & don't look out of sorts at all. Rear lenses have condensation issues but that's pretty common for most any car this old, especially Subies.

There are some issues:
  • door sill plate on driver's side is broken
    (owner has a spare is in the trunk to replace it)
  • sunroof doesn't open without a little help
  • brake rotors warp quickly on deceleration from slower highway speeds that manifests as a vigorously shaking steering wheel when the brakes are applied
    (this will appear for several minutes after and returns just as easily)
  • windshield is cracked on passenger side
    (due to special colored glass application the crack has a fade-out effect on the window coloration)
Other than that, just normal wear & tear for a well-kept car. Leather is definitely used but not destroyed, suede interior panels are pretty clean & even.

Owner is asking $3000 due to KBB value, I checked NADA and it quoted $2725 (dad's dealership used it for their pricing so we always had them around the house). The brakes are supposedly new, but if there is still such notable warping then something needs immediate attention. Replacement windshields are NOT easy to come by, and cheapest posted price listing I found was $796 for glass only, install is extra. And that's without the special color treatment found only in stock glass. The aftermarket replacement version is made of standard windshield glass but doesn't look terrible, just doesn't match the rest of the car.

  • Fair (Private Sale)
  • Good (Private Sale)
    $3,350 (basis for asking price)
  • Excellent (Private Sale)
  • Rough Trade-In

  • Average Trade-In
  • Clean Trade-In
  • Clean Retail
    $2,725 (offering this due to windshield & brake issues)

I'm also considering going across the water to get a similar model at a smaller dealership in Bremerton. $2888 but it has no mileage posted & they have an ugly blue striping applique around the lower trimline of the car.

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