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Headlight Blacked Out (Small Writeup)
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we baked the headlight at 230 degrees for 5 minutes to pry them apart, since this headlight is enormous we jammed open the oven door using a glove in order to keep it from touching the headlight and melting it

use a screwdriver to move the sealant, there are a few screws that hold the headlight together so remove those first before baking. After baking you have to loosen the tabs/clips which hold the headlight together as well

after prying them apart you should see the assembly in 2 pieces, the reflector part

*Note i removed the amber lens on the turn signal (just some simple unscrewing), you may have to change your bulb after this because the bulb light is yellow, not orange when you remove the amber lens*

and the headlight cover/chrome trim (the headlight cover was unscrewed in this photo)

when you paint it you are to leave the reflector part alone for obvious reasons, to see how i painted it i put painters tape around the area i did not want paint on and then used paper towels and taped the towel using electrical tape to the painters tape (dont let the electrical tape touch the chrome so you dont peel the chrome off)

it is recommended to use the least amount of tape possible to reduce the chances of the chrome peeling off

after painting it should look like this (retrolite used chalkboard paint for mine)

let the headlight sit for a few minutes (or a few hours to let the paint dry, retrolite used a heatgun to speed up the drying time) peel off the tape and the paper towels that covered the chrome that you did not want to be painted on

if you want to remove the amber on the side, it is a simple push out part that is held by tabs

paint this to your liking and put it back on the headlight after you paint the headlight, be sure to remove the bulb behind it because you dont want that to be shining behind the amber

to put the headlight back together (which you should know how to) just reassemble the headlight and bake it at 240 degrees for 3 minutes or so then just stick the reflector part and the chrome trim part back together as you assembled it

*note that these times posted for the oven are specific to the oven i used, other ovens may vary due to the difference in heating element style and the fact that my door was jammed open with a glove to keep it from touching the headlight, rule of thumb is to slowly heat up the headlight until the sealant is soft enough to pry apart/strong enough to hold together


you can paint your projector shield and fold the squirrel finders to improve your cutoff while doing this mod

the squirrel finder is the rectangular tab sitting underneath the hole on the shield, fold this down (slowly, dont break it) and just paint the shield to your liking

I am not responsible for any damages you may incur doing this to your headlight, do this at your own risk!

as you can see, the chrome peeled off my projector ring so i ended up having it painted black as well (the pictures above shows that i put tape on the projector ring and covered the painters tape with electrical tape to make sure that the painters tape did not have any gaps in between them and to prevent overspray)

sorry for the amateur writeup as it is my first :P

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