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Originally Posted by timmafod View Post
To the OP:

How much did it end up costing you to fix/replace the exhaust valves? I assume they replaced all of them?

I Have 96k on my OBXT and am pretty sure I have a burnt valve on my #2 cyl. 85lbs compression that does not change when you add some oil into the cyl and redo a compression test. Bone stock '05. The original owner was meticulous with maintanence and I have all records. He brought it to the dealer at 86k for a check engine light, it was the cyl. 2 misfire. They put BG 44k (fuel inj. cleaner) in the tank and with a note that if it didint' work they would have to take the engine out and determine problem, est. $1900 to fix. I picked it up at 92k. It always idled a little lumpy but then it finally completely dropped #2 cyl at idle and now the car shakes like crazy. I have been thru 1/2 a tank of techron mixed in, and ran seafoam into the brake booster line with no help. I'll post pics when I yank the engine out.

Searching for misfires here and NASIOC does bring up a decent amount of #2 or #4 burnt exhaust valves on higher mileage legacy GT's/OBXT's

Sorry to hear about that. What a mess.

I didn't pay a cent for the repair since the dealership owner stepped up and footed the entire bill. Had I not been so lucky it would have cost me somewhere around $2K to fix.

Unless you already know for sure its a burnt valve, before you yank the motor, do a leak down test... or at least put some air pressure in the cylinder while it's at TDC on the compression stroke. Then while there is air pressure in the cylinder, put rubber gloves over the tail pipes and wait to see if they inflate within 10 seconds or so. If they inflate quickly, you most likely have a bad exhaust valve.

Good luck and keep me posted.