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Originally Posted by NSFW View Post
In that thread, or just in general? Do you have their stage 1, or stage 2?

Looking at the options on their web site, their description of stage 2 did not inspire much confidence. Increased torque capacity 60%, suitable for "milder forced induction setups." I realize yours is working well for you, but still...

And unfortunately their next step up is a puck-style clutch, which I'm hoping to avoid.

Right now the leading contender is a Clutchmasters "FX300," if I can just confirm that a complete 06 WRX stack (clutch, fly, pp) will fit into an 05 LGT. For some reason they only list them for 07-08 LGTs. It is similar in design to the Bullyclutch "stage 2" (segmented kevlar disk) but for the WRX application they claim 110% increase over stock, and I'm pretty sure the 06 WRX clutch is stronger than the LGT clutch was in the first place.
I have their carbon Kevlar disc IIRC, but my Pressure Plate is their stage4 version. That holds a lot mroe then their stage2.

They key to them winning my business is their needle bearing design that reduces friction in the PP, but allows for more clamping force.

When my clutch was first put in we compared it to other LGTs (06 year) on the lot, and there was no difference in pressure required to push the clutch pedal. (ACT does have a slight increase)

From their site:


In the clutch world, having your cake and eating it has always been a constant struggle so to speak.
Increasing a pressure plates clamp force results in a stiff pedal and also adds additional stress on critical components such as thrust bearings.
Our Patent Pending RXX Technology in short, is floating needle bearings that replaces the cast pivot point. This helps reduce the pedal effort due to the rotation of the bearings when the Belleville springs is compressed. It also gives you a more progressive and precise point of release when the spring is decompressed.
On average, this technology yields in increase in clamp load of 100% over O.E.M and yet, has a similar engagement for drastic wear reduction on surrounding components. So there you have it, a revolutionary solution that results in more holding power without an increased pedal effort.
So it is about double the clamping force, and then of course the clutch disc can take alot more abuse as well. Unlike many aftermarket clutches that rebuild a new OEM PP, this one has a very progressive feel to it, most are more on/off then OEM.

I had no problem launching it on the track to consistent 1.7 60 foot times (1st time ever to the 1/4) and I have done data-logged (confirmed by GPS) 3.8 and 3.9 0-60 mph times.

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