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Compilation of available clutches for BP/BL
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Since my stock clutch started slipping, I've been doing a lot of research on clutches for my 5MT 2005 Legacy GT.

While only a few of the manufacturers below make clutches specifically for 2005+ 5MT Legacy GTs, you should be aware that any clutch made for an 2006 or 2007 5MT WRX will work in a 5MT Legacy GT, if you also use a 2006 WRX flywheel.

Also, as Unclemat noted in post #8 below, the 07-09 SpecB 6MT transmission will work with any STI clutch, with the stock SpecB flywheel. See post #8 for more detail. I have not listed the 6MT / SpecB options below, focusing instead on the 5MT options. However if you are interested in a 6MT clutch, the links below should allow you to find one in short order.

ACT / Advanced Clutch Technology

ACT clutches for the LGT are similar to identical to their WRX clutches, and they require and ACT flywheel, or a flywheel from an 06 WRX.

The "performance street disk" clutch is very popular among people here with stage-2 cars - lots of happy customers. It's rated at 420 ft/lb, which seems to be a very good match for stage 2. However, j255c's 20G+meth setup apparently twists a little bit harder than that (link) so if you have moved beyond stage 2 you should think twice before going with that clutch.

ACT does make clutches rated for more torque, but they're all puck-style and service life seems to be 10k-15k for that design. (link) (link)


Spec's clutches are LGT-specific. Spec insists that the flywheel be resurfaced however. Subaru doesn't recommend that for dual-mass flywheels, but it can be done (click here). Or you can just get a new flywheel.

Spec's "Stage 3+" clutch is the highest-rated full-face unit I've found, and was at the top of my list for a while... however after reading the following, I've decided not to risk doing business with them:
(That was originally posted here, by Malingator's mechanic: )


Bullyclutches offers an LGT-specific clutch, and they will be happy to sell an 06 WRX clutch which (like all others) can be used with an 06 WRX flywheel with a BL/BP 5MT. They claim a 60% increase in torque capacity with their Stage 2 full-face clutch, and 100% increase with their Stage 3 puck-style clutch. They also offer their stage-2 clutch with a stage-4 pressure plate for an unspecified increase in capacity.

DSchultz has their stage 1 kit (click here),
LittleBlueGT has their stage 2 clutch with a stage 4 pressure plate (click here and here).
I followed LittleBlueGT's lead with the 2/4 hybrid setup (click here).


Clutchmasters does not list any clutches for the 2005+ Legacy GT, but they do make a range of clutches of the 2006 WRX, which should drop right in provided you use a 2006 WRX flywheel. Their FX100 and FX200 clutches uses organic and Kevlar discs, respectively, and both provides a moderate increase over stock (they claim 70% additional holding strength). Their FX300 uses a segmented Kevlar disc, and claims 110% more capacity than stock. For major power upgrades, they also make 4- and 6- puck clutches using ceramic (FX400) or iron (FX500), for 170%-400% more capacity.

To the best of my knowledge, nobody here at has tried a Clutchmasters clutch yet.


Only three of Exedy's designs are listed for an 05 LGT: OEM, Stage 1 (full-face), and Stage 2 (puck). Torque specs are not listed for any of them. It's probably not coincidence that these all require a new flywheel, and they are the same models they offer for an 06 WRX.

OEM (do they make the original?)
Stage 1 (full-face, no torque rating)
Stage 2 (puck, no torque rating)

Note that Exedy does not list their twin-disc clutch system for the LGT, nor can I find a listing for the 06 WRX. However they do offer them for the STI. SubyDude 555 has one in his Spec B, and I have one in my STI-trans'ed LGT, and we both like them. Twin disc clutches do have an audible rattle when the clutch is pushed in, as a side-effect of the "intermediate flywheel" that's loosely sandwiched between the two clutch discs, but they are silent when your foot is off the clutch.

Unorthodox Racing

They don't claim to offer anything for the BL/BP LGT. If you tell their web site that you have an 06 WRX, they list several clutches, but since they offer them in 2.0L and 2.5L versions it's not clear how accurate their database is. If anyone knows for sure that some of these will fit our cars, please reply to this thread and I'll update this post.

So far it looks like only one person has tried a UR clutch, he started this thread about it:


Someday, maybe?

RPS offers 3 clutches for Subarus, however it appears that none are suitable for a BL/BP or 06 WRX.

If anyone sees errors or has information that belongs in this post, please reply and I'll update this ASAP.

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