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Originally Posted by derffred View Post
They have to take your cylinder head off to see whats goin on. To do that, they have to pull the motor... if you go for the diag, you might as well go for the whole repair..
Well, there are 2 simple things that would determine if it were rings or valves without tearing out the engine. First, the spark plugs were carbon fouled not oil fouled and it didn't smoke or burn oil, so, it's probably not the rings, but, they could have squirted oil or ATF into the cylinder and re-run the compression to see if compression builds up or not. If it does, its rings or cylinder wall gouging. If compression does not build up, you turn the engine until the #4 cylinder exhaust valve is closed, then connect an air source to the cylinder and pressurize it, if air comes out the exhaust, its valves. I mean, these are from Automotive 101. Seems to me all they did was just hook up the computer, run a quick compression test, and call it a day. What bothers me the most is that they want me to make a $1400 decision based on $93, basically an hours worth of work, on shoddy, half assed trouble shooting. Honestly, I would be ok with spending a grand having the car fixed if I knew it needed valve work (multiple thousands on a new engine, not so much), but I need to know up front what I am dealing with before I'm willing to part with that kind of money, and I am just not that williing to spend $1400 on tearing an engine apart to just turn around and sell it because it needs an engine rebuild. I think its shameful on Subaru's part to sell a car that is disposable after only 62K miles.