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Stock 08 EL Manifold Modified to UEL!!!!!
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Well well the months have passed and I have went through a few exhaust setup possibilities on my 08 Legacy 2.5i. While they all would work the one thing that I really wanted to develop an idea that is 100 percent bolt on for us 06 and newer guys.

I had a EJ20G manifold that I chopped up and it worked okay and I sold that to an impreza owner then I had a set of Borla reps which I used a 05 RS mid pipe to connect that to my stock axleback. That worked fine as well but recently I picked up a Stock EL manifold that was in mint condition for very cheap compared to the $500+ from Subaru.

I know I had been talking and talking about this for months literally but finally I got it accomplished.

Lets start with the project piece a 2007 Subaru EL manifold:

Very nice i will admit. I clamped it down to keep the distances true while working on the piece. I recommend doing this to anybody that attemps this similar mod.

So I removed all the heat shielding and fiberglass packing ( which I think helps in tww ways one with heat and second with noise from the exhaust pulses. Another interesting thing I found was that this EL isnt exactly equal in length all the way around the two passenger side primaries are 24 inches long the two driver side ones are 19 and 22 inches long stock.

To start I put a relief cut in the number 4 primary near the collector with a cutting wheel. I then cut the primary directly past the expansion joint. After I made my cuts I used a torch to heat the pipe near the relief cut and while it was super hot i pulled the primary so that it lined up with the number 1 primary.

Once I got it lined up where I wanted it I then welded a 90 degree piece to the new location of the stock expansion joint and then had to fabb a piece to fill in that gap

After I got the right angle ( I needed a 34 degree angle so I cut two 17's on each side of joint) i trimmed a piece and welded that to fill in the gap.

After i cleaned up the welds i painted the mild steel part with rust-o-leum 2000 degree paint to keep it from rusting. I didnt need to paint the rest for two reason 1. i used stainless welding wire to reweld the existing stainless tubing 2. I am going to wrap the piece in thermo wrap once it is to my liking.

The end result is this piece :

The most difficult about this mod is finding a spare 06 Plus manifold it took me 5 months

Not to bad if I may say so Once I get it fitted to my car ( this weekend) I give an update. So there you have it so far and to all the turbo guys WE ( N/A people) understand this purpose of this project so spare us the bs remarks

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