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Originally Posted by Legend View Post
Is it me or does this type of product seem really.. I mean REALLY silly. I'm surprised so many are taking this seriously. In the old days (like prior to say 2005 or so), one could effectively modulate gas mileage effectively by the right foot. Want more mileage? Never give more than 15% throttle or exceed speed limit. Want more power? Floor it. Those were the simple days.

Now, thanks to this, you can reach over with your hand, switch to "ECO" then floor it and slowly accelerate. Brilliant. Not only that, but you pay hundreds of dollars and tap into the electronics of the car for the benefit?! What the hell I don't get it.

The thing can't help increase performance (acceleration) and can only help you save gas by interrupting your dumb foot's intentions. Even for those with dumb feet, how many years would you have to use this to recoup your investment into this device so save your 50 cents per gas tank?

Whats your point not that we care ?