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I won't buy another set of chrome rims again... I am big fan of the multi-spoke or mesh look and I have chrome on my BMW sedan now and I can't wait to see them go. It is such a pain to keep them clean.

I am waiting on my 3.6R to be shipped to the dealer and in the mean time I am shopping for rims.

I only buy black cars but I want a different look this time, so I am thinking about getting "gun metal" spokes or mesh rims...

Here are some others... from Tirerack edan&autoYear=2009&autoModClar=3.0R

1- Enkei Performance EKM3 - (black) nice web finish
2- O.Z. Alleggerita HLT - metallic color (not black) simple multi spoke look
3- ASA JH9 - bigger thicker 5 spoke model in simple metal finish
4- Enkei Performance T-Fork - dark rim subtle metal spokes
5- Enkei G5 - subtle star look

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