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Originally Posted by JoeFromPA View Post
I'm surprised so many people are willing to trade a weak 2000-3000 rpm range for a strong 5500-6500 rpm range. I'm at 2000-3000 rpms about 100 times for every time I'm at 5500-6500 rpms (sad but true).

Give me 200-300lb/ft in the 2000-3000rpm range, and I'll love you forever.
Once you start going quick 2000-3000 it'll turn into 4500-5500 and so on. The quest for more always happens. with the vf52 I was at your 200ft/lbs by 2500 and by 3000 I was at 270ft/lbs. Just remember your going to have to have the foot down to really get the boost up going part throttle doesnt get you into full boost (i think).

If you noticed in what i would like over the vf52 is alittle better spool and maybe able to hold boost alittle better up top.