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Originally Posted by CombatCQB
You know, I've been shopping for a RB GT and they're scarce in the NE. I've seen RB GT Ltd, but not the base GT. My Dealer might finally have found one. I'm still swaying between RB and black.

Black is more aggressive, RB is more unique.

You know, I was showing my wife a lot of the pics on this forum, to see what she thinks of the car's looks. At that time, I really liked black, but was really torn between Silver and RB.

She quickly and definitively thumbs-downed the silver. She did like the black and RB, though. So now I am in your boat, too. I'll have plenty of time to mull it over, though. I am not in a position to buy just now, but hopefully will be in a year or two. hopefully sooner rather than later.

In the mean time, I am going to read up in these forums, and elsewhere, and become an armchair expert off of all you good people before I buy. Maybe by then an STi Will be available. One can only hope and pray.

But I have to put this one up: :P

I'm gonna start re-posting other people's (like Paul's) RB's in here soon! :twisted: