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Title: huh ?? what ???
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Originally Posted by Digi View Post
Apologies if this question is repetitive but its tough to pin-point specifics throughout the thread. I keep thinking my questions are answered but new info pops up and I get re-confused.
I have a 2008 LGT Sedan with dual climate control.
These are the model numbers and products available:
  • H6217AG908SC - 04+ AV Panel Set in black (no mention of hvac setup)
  • H6217AG902SC - 04+ AV Panel Set in silver (no mention of hvac setup)
  • H6217AG911 - 04+ AV Panel Set in black (mentions dual climate control setup)
  • H6217AG910 - 04+ AV Panel Set in black (mentions single climate control setup)
  • H6217AG912 - 07+ AV Panel Set (no mention of color, or hvac setup, but DOES mention SI Cruise version)
Has anyone been able to break-down which model #'s work on which year/hvac? Are there some listed here that do not apply in anyway to this thread? Will any of them work on the 08's? I'll gladly update this post with the info. Thanks to everyone for their hard work on figuring all this out, its confusing sutff!
No one knows.
be the first to buy and try.

the only thing we know is that with an 06 lgt part# H6217AG911 works. thats it.

someone with a newer year is going to have to buy and try