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Originally Posted by Pawlwawl06 View Post
Oh SWEET...too bad i only see little red Xs where the pics should be , not your problem though, im at work and its some setting on their network. I will check them out tonight when I get home!!!! Its strange because when people attach pics to the post, I can see them just fine.

I'll take pics of the Swifts once they finish settling(they look da bomb so far), plus Im going to the car wash tomorrow for a good thorough cleaning, Im hoping the pollen attack is over.

You got the Group A pulley too??? Me too! How long did it take you to get yours...o wait, your in Canada, not very long i would presume. I ordered on the 16th of April, still waiting for mine.
Sounds good! I rarely see pix of your car how are the Koni's? Are you still playing around with the settings? As for the Group A pulleys, I actually bought them months ago, just never got around to installing them since it's been raining a lot in Vancouver in the past little while, but it's starting to look like summer recently

Originally Posted by THE RZA View Post
looks clean, im in the process of finding a front lip does Ravspec have any instock? I've been Pming RBS lately and he was supposed to get more in stock this week but never let me know if he did or not. as for less effort, its the hawk HPS
looks like katalyst answered your question. there's a 2nd GB going on for the RavSpec lip, which I'd highly suggest. Polyurethane is more durable than fiberglass.

Originally Posted by Ryouske View Post
ohh how much were the LGT brakes and the dba 4000 combined?
the LGT brakes I bought used from a member here for $600 (US Dollar) which included:

- front and rear calipers
- front and rear caliper brackets
- front and rear Hawk HPS pads (slightly used)
- front and rear brake lines

the rotors were $650 (CDN Dollar) for all four

the trick is to find someone who's done a Brembo swap and dont need their LGT brakes

Originally Posted by katalyst View Post
N.sane, car looks good! how was the LGT brake install? pretty straightforward?
Thanks! Everything was complete bolt-on and straight-forward. The only thing to watch out for is the dust shields. After we finished and went for a test drive, we noticed a noise coming from the front-left. Turns out the dust shield was rubbing against the rotor! since the new rotors are a little wider I just had to use some pliers to bend the dust shield back a little bit, not a big deal though.