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Originally Posted by groff View Post
There are basically 2 main options for turning your 5MT into a 6MT.

Option #1:
Transmission Choice: 2007+ LGT Spec B 6MT, 2004, 2005 STI 6MT
Rear Differential Choice: 2007+ LGT Spec B R180, 2004+ STI R180, <2004 Legacy or you can use a regeared stock R160 as well with stock LGT rear axles
Axles: Front - Stock LGT, Rear - 2007+ Spec B or custom Driveshaft Shop Axles

Option #2:
Transmission Choice: 2006+ STI 6MT
Rear Differential Choice: Stock LGT R160
Axles: Front - Stock LGT, Rear - Stock LGT

Etc: DCCD Controller for STI 6MT, 2005+ 2.5i LGT Auto Driveshaft (for Sedan or Wagon based on what you have currently) or 2007+ Spec B Driveshaft, appropriate 6MT flywheel and clutch, 2005 STI front axle seals (recommended), 6MT shift linkage, 6MT shifter, 6MT shift knob (as a note, most donor sets more than likely won't have a knob as most have been robbed from the junkyards ), 6MT slave cylinder, 6MT clutch fork

Quick Pros and Cons to the different components:
<2004 Legacy Differential is not going to be a viscous limited slip (CON)
2007 Spec B 6MT does not contain a limited slip front differential (CON)
2006+ STI 6MT has a 1:1 stepper center differential which allows you to use your stock R160 (PRO - Cheaper CON - weaker rear diff if using the R160)

Helpful links for those with lots of time:
Hammer Down's 6MT Swap thread - "the original"
NASIOC's Transmission forums

Groff, very nice..
FYI to everyone else, all this information was gathered by HAMMER DOWN, myself and groff, during our swaps.. this is real-world info, not speculation.

for the rear diff:

hammer down is running a re-geared WRX unit
i am running a 2004 legacy auto 3.90 (just broke it ), so i am swapping the 05 LGT LSD carrier into the 3.90 legacy housing
and groff is running an R180 and Spec.B Axels. (damn you! )