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HOW TO: Fix your heated seat
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This thread is a walkthrough for repairing your broken heated seat in your 05+ Legacy or Outbacks.

Start out by removing the 4 seat bolts

Once you have taken all 4 bolts out, lift the front of the seat up and you will see all these connectors for the power seat and airbags:

Some plugs are tricky to get off, shown below is a particular airbag plug and how to get it off:

This plugs outer shell slides back and then it unplugs:

Next step is to take the seat out, be careful in this part as you can easily scratch your plastic.

Seat Removed:

Once removed, set the seat on a flat work surface and on the back of the seat take the screws out:

Picture of the right side plastic cover on the drivers side seat
You have to work around the seat belt plug, you can get it apart without taking the belt plug off:

The left side is a bit more difficult:

In from the front there are plastic retaining screws:

One plastic screw in the middle:

Pic of the left side panel removed:

Left front seat cover anchor, there are many of these all around holding the cover on:

On the back of the seat, on the bottom there is a stretchy cord, remove:

On the front of the seat there is a plastic screw holding the front cloth cover:

Front seat anchor, roll it off:

Right front anchor:

Another sneaky one on the back right side:

Now that you got most of the cloth retainers you can peal the cover off the front of the cushon and back, you will run into these below, they are called hog rings:

These are what the hog rings look like, you will need to get a new ones and a hog ring tool as well:

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