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6000k *Japanese* VOLT HID Review
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Okay to start off, the reason I bought this 6000k VOLT kit was because of my frustrations that some people thought were 'acceptable' with the DDM HID Kit.
Basically, if the headlights were on when I started the car, they were guaranteed NOT to ignite. If I tried to turn them on with the car already started, there would be about a 50% chance one of them would not ignite. You can read about it here:

First off, here are some pictures of my setup prior to installation of the VOLT Kit. (4300k DDM)

Color contrast between 4300k DDM HID and Stock Halogen Fogs

Output color - Again, the reason I was changing kits was not in an effort to boost output, but to have a more reliable setup without dropping > $200 bucks.

Onto the VOLT Kit. I purchased this H7 kit from XenonExpert for $120 plus shipping. They're made from Japanese parts, and only require about 4.5 amps at initial start up in contrast to my DDMs which drew about 6.7 amps. (I've been using a Die-Hard Gold battery rated at 650CCA)

Box shipped from Canada via UPS (included random gloves)

After Install - Slightly more Blue hue, but nothing ridiculous. I was expecting more of a difference in output since the VOLT kit is 6000k and the DDMs were 4300k, but it was minimal; even on the road with street lamps, etc.

The most obvious difference in color comes at the Cutoffs. (notice I filled in my Squirrel Spotters while I had my bulbs out)

Shot of the front end


In terms of reliability, I did absolutely nothing different with the electrical setup of both kits. My DDM kit had a harness, and even with it they would not always light up. The VOLT kit on the other hand has done precisely what XenonExpert claimed they would - Start up EVERY TIME. If I remember correctly, I spent about the same on the VOLT kit as I did on my DDM kit; right around a hundred dollars. If the slightly more blue hue does not bother you, I would definitely recommend the VOLT kit over the DDMs. Other color options should be offered in the future for the VOLT kit as well. I have heard some people praise the DDM kit for it's lifetime warranty compared to the VOLT's 1 year, but I don't find it to be of as much value as people say. The DDM kit has to have the warranty to sell it's product, while much better brands (including philips) only offer a 1 year warranty...afterall, my Subaru had a 60k mile warranty, and a Kia has a 100k mile warranty, but which vehicle is more reliable

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase, except for now I have a DDM kit sitting in my garage

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