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The STI bbs thread
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04 Sti BBS (the only year STI that has a lug pattern that fits our cars):

Hope this helps some people. I'm going to keep updating this first post with user input so it'd be like a mini wiki or something. Please post pictures of your car with your BBS, if you have them and state what kind of suspension and drop you have.

I'm throwing this up for reference for those looking to get them. Would have been helpful when I was buying them. (I might have not have gotten them in my particular color if I had seen what they'd look like)

* denotes a subjective point

Lightweight - at 16-17 pounds it doesn't get much lighter than this. Differences are drastic in comparison to 22 pound rotas
Forged - the way to go if you need strength and less weight
Cost effective - depending your deal. I was watching them on nasioc for awhile and it seems the normal price is around 800 for wheels alone, in 7/10-9/10 condition.
Fairly common- there are usually 2-3 sets on sale at nasioc at any given time
Brand snobbery - Everyone knows that BBS is not an el cheapo manufacturer. evidenced by going on tire rack and pricing out a set of BBS wheels. yikes.
Fitment- Fits brembos and therefore most of the other BBKs. Friendly offset. No rolling fenders, no insane camber angles.
Tire costs- Those fitting BBKs will see that it is easier to find an 18 inch wheel that fits than 17s. 17" tires are considerably cheaper than 18"s. Good for those constantly changing tires.

Looks boring*- Every stock STI has them. 4 years of STIs is a lot of cars. Also on a big car like ours 17s look somewhat small.
Only 7.5" wide- Per the wheel fitment sticky, the widest tire you can fit on this is 225s. On the track every little bit of tire helps.
A PITA to clean*- many spokes, many weird crevices you cant reach with a regular wheel brush and many wheel cleaners dont like aluminum, which is what the bbs are made with. However if you are a masochist and enjoy spending hours on 1 wheel, you will have a field day with these.
2 Colors Only*- Silver or Gold. If you have a silver car like mine the only option is silver. and then it looks stock.
Availability- Yes they are fairly common, but usually not local, unless you happen to live in southern california. People are generally more hesitant to ship wheels.
car for sale. PM me!

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