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what engines will fit?????
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hello my name is colin, im 17, and i have a 1999 subaru legacy gt limited 30th anniversary sitting in my auto shop class looking very very sad with the old engine sitting next to it. the engine that i pulled out was the ej25 model and one of the cylinders seized and the rod busted off and did too much damage to the block to be bored out. i love my car very much and i was already going to buy a turbo kit for the car but since this happened i think it would be better to put in an already turboed (idk if thats a word) engine since i have to get a different engine anyways. i was wondering what everyone thinks would be the best option for me. ive heard that the ej20 engine that comes with a turbo, would bolt right in with no complications (except different exhaust piping f=to accomodate the turbo) but i really need to make sure this is correct because im a teenager and i have no money to waste on an engine that is not even going to fit. and if it will not drop right in what mods would be needed? thank you to anyone who replies with credible information to help me out and i appreciate any suggestions about where to buy the new engine!!!
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