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You mention the "learning view" utility but I think it deserves a little more detail. And I could use a sanity check on my own understanding of it - so if this is wrong please let me know:

The Learning View utility will display your Fine Learning Knock Correction (FLKC) table, which shows the RPM/Load areas in which the ECU has learned to pull timing in response to knock. It will also show your Ignition Advance Multiplier (IAM), which should be 1.0 but will drop if your car has experienced significant knock.

Learning View connects to your ECU using an OpenPort 1.X or compatible cable, much like RomRaider's logger. The VAG-COM cable will probably also work, and OpenPort 2.0 compatibility is likely coming soon.

For more information, and a link to download the Learning View utility:

If you are tuning your car, you should use this periodically to see if your engine has experienced knock when you were not actively logging. If you see evidence of significant knock, it's time to reconsider your tune.

The stock tune will show small amounts of knock correction (-.35, -1.05, etc) occasionally in various cells, these are not cause for great concern. But IAM under 1.0, or larger corrections in the FLKC table, should be investigated. The Learning View thread (linked above) has a lot more information and examples to show how to interpret Learning View results.

Learning View also shows your fuel trims, which are primarily of interest if you have changed your intake tract or fuel injectors. If they're way off (more than 5%) you may want to address that, but this is another subject for another thread.

Note that resetting your ECU (which happens during reflashing, for most ECUs) will set IAM to 0.5 (or whatever your ROM has configured for the initial IAM) and will clear the FLKC table. Don't panic if you see a low IAM soon after a reflash.