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ABS wheel speed sensor issue too
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I don't get the CEL or flashing cruise, but otherwise have the same problem. PDX Tuning diagnosted that it was a bad right front speed sensor. Then they promptly went out of business, or at least stop wrenching on cars.

So today, I replace my right front speed sensor. It's a simple 10 minute job. Unfortunately, I take the car for a test drive and while the clicking is gone, when I hit 40 MPH, the ABS light is back on and "ERR SS" shows up again!


Anyone know how to make this go away that does not involve a trip to the stealer? They wanted $90 bucks minimum to R&R this sensor. PDX Tuning was the same price, but they don't do this anymore.


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I have the common winter problem of the CEL, Flashing Cruise, and ErSS in the odometer. I've reset the ECU multiple times, cleaned off the offending wheel sensor, read every post on this issue, and keep getting the problem. Turns out, code C0107 has been displaying, indicated RH ABS speed sensor readings are abnormal. I took out the speed sensor and ordered a new one. Question is- anyone know how to test the ohms on this sensor? Should I spray some brake cleaner into the hole where the sensor sits to clean out the hub? Where is the magnetic ring for the ABS that produced the signal for the sensor and how to clean it off?? I'm sure I'm not the only person here with this issue, and it didn't go away on its own (around 1000 miles since it started). thanks, jeff.

I'm currently getting erratic Ohm readings between 30 and 130 ohms w/ the sensor off the car...