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06-18-2008, 03:47 PM
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Originally Posted by groff View Post
deposit placed today for the following

2004 USDM STI 6sp transmission with shift linkage and knob
2004 STI Flywheel
2004 STI Slave Clutch Cylinder
2004 STI Starter
2004 STI Clutch Fork
2004 STI Front Axles (2)
2004 STI R180 Rear Differential
2004 STI Rear Axles (2)


2006 USDM STI 6sp transmission with shift linkage and knob
2006 STI Flywheel
2006 STI Slave Clutch Cylinder
2006 STI Starter
2006 STI Clutch Fork
2006 STI Front Axles

I should know mid next week which package I'm getting as they haven't bought the donor car yet

I have until about 10am tomorrow to make a decision if I want to buy a 6MT SPEC 3+ clutch since SPEC will be going on vacation first week in July and isn't accepting orders (from vendors too) after tomorrow. Pretty sure this is what I'm going to get as I've been happy with my 3+ for the LGT for about 25,000 miles thus far

I'll be talking with my local shop tomorrow to see if they have a 2.5i donor driveshaft for me. I heard that a 4EAT driveshaft will work as well, though I'm not sure from what years. I found one for $50, just need to verify what years work here.

I know I'll need to get stubs, circlips and seals as well as fluid and hopefully that will cover nearly everything besides a dccd controller

will keep you all informed of my progress as well, probably wont go in until july unless i get too eager


you won't need the front axels. yours will work.. if it's a 2004, you pull the stubs out of the 6MT, and put a new set of 05+ axle seals in it. if it's an 06, you can just use your axels straight up.
you WILL have to change the rear diff, and again, you will use your axels.

to complete this swap, youll need:

6MT tranny
6mt shift linkage
clutch fork / slave cyl.
2005+ 2.5i auto driveshaft
3.90 / 3.545?? rear diff.. (i got mine out of an 04 legacy non-lsd )

i have had this swap in my car for about 10k and 4 months, over 370whp.. i destroyed 1 rear diff playing in the gravel when i hit dry pavement, BOOM.. lol

just upgraded to a 35R so we'll see.

PS. if you want i can PM you my number, and we can talk in detail about my tirals and tribulations.. mike did it for me.. i'll do it for you

WELCOME to the 6MT SWAP CLUB, this list is short

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