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Well, just got back from the dealer, as the car did the same thing again today. What happened was, in Drive, I rolled from a red light, the car didn't shift to 2nd until about 3400rpm [I didn't load the car, I just rolled], shifted into second, Sport started flashing and then banged into 3rd. After that, it shifted just fine, manual mode worked too.
I got to the dealer, the tech hooked up his Toughbook and the error code that came up was

P1706 AT Vehicle Speed Sensor Circuit Malfunction (rear wheel)

He said there was a TCM version update that would fix P1799 and P0771 and he said we should go ahead with the flash and hope it would take care of my problem too. I looked them up:
P1799 Interlock
P0771 AT Low Clutch Timing Solenoid Valve Circuit Malfunction

Just so we are clear, I did not have these codes, but the new firmware was supposed to, amongst other things, clear these two and the tech hoped it would also clear the code I was having, P1706
He also told me there was a new version of the ECU software but I am Stage 1 so told him to not touch it because I didn't have time [lol]. Well, he comes back half hour later and says "all done, the TCM has been flashed and I also looked at your ECU". I thought to my self oh crap. Then he says " well, looked like it was the latest version so I didn't have to flash it". O ... kay. So the Cobb map is "smart" enough to "lie" at first glance and show it's a current stock map? He definitely didn't flash it, the car acts the same and he wouldn't have had time. I will confirm it when I get home.
For those of you, I think there are two users on this board, that had this very problem, can you tell me what turned out to be?

2furious, did your dealer say anything about your TCU? Was it up to date?

What kinda upsets me is that they charged me for labor, the tech said he tried to cover it under warranty but couldn't. There's going to be a shitstorm if they try to charge me for the sensor, if that's what it turns out to be. Part of me is inclined to take it back in a week, problem or not, just to be 100% sure.

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