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Originally Posted by what? View Post
Oh, I have also used fuel injector system cleaner, it worked the first time for maybe a few thousand miles, but then the problem came back again. I tried the fuel injector cleaner again, and it did absolutely nothing.

I wish I would have just replaced the injector from the beginning. So I wouldnt even mess with fuel injector cleaner.
Yea, I was gonna throw some injector cleaner in there, but I guess I'll just try and switch it around and see if the code moves with it. From what I've read, it sounds like its the easiest part to swap/test. I already changed the plugs, so I'm leaning towards them not being the issue (even though I didnt check the gaps on a gapper, I did check them vs the old plugs though and it looked good there).
That rear coil pack is a PITA to get out, lol... But I did get it done, so if I gotta do it again at least I have the experience.
If it turns out to be the injector, I guess I'll have to buy a new one, where did you get yours and do you know anywhere that would be cheaper/est...
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