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Blown turbo
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Name: Jack Kulas

Make: Baja turbo

Mileage: 75,000

Time Out Of Use: 12/23/07 - still

Problem And Likely Cause: don't know yet

Modifications: none

Submitted For Warranty Work (Yes/No): no

Reason Given For Denial (if applicable):

Your Story: It all started with the check engine light. Had a code related to the variable valve timing. While driving home, I heard a noise like a guitar string breaking, then no turbo. Took it to the dealer
and found the turbo had crashed and took out the blades. They replaced the turbo, but not the problem with the valve timing. After 3 more trips to the Subaru dealer for oil line and coolant leaks to the turbo, I took my car to a private mechanic. After replacing solenoids and other parts for the valve timing, Subaru tells the mechanic there is an oil tube that feeds both the turbo and the right bank valve controls that is the problem. It seems that this tube has a coating on the inside and has delaminated. This clogs the
solenoids for the valves and reduces the oil flow to the turbo. This is todays news and the 3 month saga goes on.